The Syrah tells me to hold my state, thinking, keep with the Coltrane track, see streets in Paris.  You will get back, she sys, reminding me there is so much more time for me, so much more story, pages, pages atop pages.  I needed a night like this, to just be here in home and listen to wine alongside the notes of Mr. Coltrane.

See my tasting room, pouring for friends and family only, and maybe friends of friends.

My business model is so simple it’s not much a model at all.  Like this Syrah, inviting, not over complicated and quite communicative.  The tasting room wouldn’t be a tasting room, not sure why I keep calling it that.  So what is it.  Yes it’s a room, and yes we taste wine, but every tasting room is just called a “tasting room”.  The study?  The Room?  What if it didn’t have a name, like a track with no title?