Starting my own thing, or agency, in this new position.  Truly making it my own and more than the trite and rehearsed way of doing so.  Creative, communication… more than that. This job is not at all a job, I’m seeing.  It’s a loving test of self ability and sight, progression and momentums.  MY story.  I always tell students to be a fan of themselves. This is the invitation to actuate what I advocate.

We need do this more, and tell ourselves more.  Especially if we’re in sales, that we have more than just some unique and distinguished ability to do what we do, and much beyond the selling part.  We’re all starting our own operations if we bring ourselves to such a stage, such a posture and vocal.

Going to take a quick break, do some work for self and for Sonic, and see what else I can do with the day.  Don’t have a list of to-do, or cascade of daily aims.  I’m listing everything after it’s done.  One point at a time.  Another embrace of my embrace of singularity and the sense of singular points of exploration and heartfelt education, self-education and elucidation.

Thinking like an agency owner.  My own agency and business.  That’s what’s encouraged in this division, and not at all hype or embellishment.  Not at all.  I have been wondering, what took so long for me to find this, but that’s a futile framing of mind and movement.  I’m here, I’m doing it and by it I mean writing and speaking with some return.  Work… we all work, but do we all love what we do this much?  We all should, but we need be fans of ourselves first, truly.  If you’re in sales and marketing, or one or the other singularly then we ought know our character and story, and love to read and re-read it, have no fear of it being read.

In sales, it has to be “your own thing”.  That’s all there is.  And always.  When you own something, the only shape of thought is seeing it elevate and succeed.  Do you job less, don’t focus so much on conversion.  Conversion will occur and sales will be logged if you’re having conversations in heartfelt form.  Again, especially if you’re in sales.  Make the story yours, and if you’re having trouble doing so, remove yourself. Just have a conversation, enjoy the conversation and the day and your place, significance, in it.  It’s your story, remember that.


4:17pm, back a little bit ago from canvassing businesses in Airport District.  Tired and unmotivated.  Pushing self to keep moving.  This helps, this pushing of keys.  Guy who sits next to me just wish me a good weekend.  Wine on mind, running in morning, the whole day tomorrow to self.

Hungry as well.  Nothing to write nor think…. Zen in mind pen, inner tablets, pages, papers blown one way and the other by meditative gusts.

People behind me, in other department laughing.  Definitely the weekend, and their voices are celebratory and lit like street lights and buildings in Times Square.  Not sure I have the energy to make another call. Okay, I tell myself.  Just one more.  Actuate.  Don’t at all advocate.  This is your agency.