Today, calendar spots.  Setting appointments.  That’s the aim.  No selling, just setting up meetings.  And tell the people, the prospects, that’s what you’re there to do.  Don’t sell, don’t try too hard, just communicate.  Be out there in front of people, speaking…. Obvious notes to self but I had to note them. Hoping anyone in the like-position or role, whether sales or marketing or something mirroring can benefit and if not learn then be provoked to think of a new approach to their day, their work.  Van Gogh said he dreams his paintings and paints his dreams.  That’s what we all are, as business people.  Painters.  We draw and color our desired reality and stage as we wish it played.


Time passes us far faster than we estimate or can appreciate, so just draw.  Be wild, mad, free in your productivity.

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