What wines will I get tonight.  What do I want?  Why am I thinking about it so much?  Just walk in, no plan.  Wine is about reaction, as is winemaking, I was just thinking.  Sure you’d love the conditions of every vintage to be perfect and the growth to be even and shatter to be either minimized or somehow strangely optimal.  “Winemaker shatter”, I heard someone once say.  Still don’t know what that means.

Wine teaches us to react to what’s at our 12, what’s around us.  Stop wishing, stop planning so much if at all, and step into the story, react.  That’s what composes character, that’s what brings more life and enables us to gift ourselves with new and renewed speak and pace, more sensibility.

Ready for the work day, more ready than I think I’ve ever been on a Saturday.  And it’s from this, sitting here at my usual table writing about wine and wine speaking to me even when I’m not with her.

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