End of day, nearing.  Sunday.  Day with kids, wife, no time to write.  Own fault.  Woke later than desired.  So I have now.  These words and a couple sentences paired with cheese, turkey, some Sauvignon Blanc.  Not as cold as I’d like, but I knew that when I pulled it from the closet.

Have eyes on early run, tomorrow.  4am rise then on belt by 4:20 at latest.  Wanting more before I’m 40.  Get into office, travel, and whatever I wrote in the Sonic journal the other day in terms of aim.  I started a list, the last of its kind I vowed.

Wine… definitely part of the grand vision.  My label.  Watching others’ reactions when sipping on some trip.  Just had a thought, consolidation-focused.  Putting all these wined thoughts to book.  How wine’s to credit for forwarding me in my career and wine story.

Also opened a Cab, but will only have that with dinner, this flatbread pizza we’re all going to make together.  My son today assembling fully his Lego Batman vehicle that I bought him today on a trip to Best Buy to scope something for my eventual office, in one sitting.  I was astonished by his dedication and feeling a bit envious of his devotion to that toy, how he stayed on the floor and even when miffed or perturbed he remained with legs crossed or on knees in his deeds.  He has a standalone project, done, finished, for display, in less than one-tenth a day.