img_0896Exactly 12 minutes left in my break.  Nothing to eat so I get more wild and freed in my writing ways, my sitting, here at work when I’d rather be anywhere else, if need know you now.  I need another pour, of something.  What… what does the writer do.  No— no pours.  More words… all recorded… lady waiting for her group of friends who told her to meet them there, that this winery’s a restaurant.  First time I’ve ever heard that.  OH… I told her… I wish there was a restaurant here, right here, so I don’t have to drive.

Everything posted to blog, from here forward.  Time nearly gone.. shit.  Will I have time for a vineyard walk?  Probably not.  OR, I can clock back in then go out to SB lot and walk around, take a couple shots of flowering vines and would-be clusters.  Maybe I should leave early.  Everyone else does, right?  No.. stay here.  This break, spent thinking of these thoughts, where they’re to take me… 

If you write, keep writing, write for you and the world and the page itself.  Just a thought I wanted to put in this “post” for you to, I don’t know.. think about, try, what have.

I’m getting bored in this office.  One of the cube people comes back from his break and works.  I can hear his key slaps over this Davis track.  Ugh… okay.  I need that vineyard walk.  Know just what the writer’s to do.  Keep writing, yes, but find new stories, new pictures, new walk routes, new…..