When people started seeing me as a wine-somebody, I

img_0556remember wife and I, then girlfriend, or actually fiancé, out to dinner with her sister Jen and Jim, Jen’s husband.  We ordered a bottle of something red and I specifically recall Jen and Jim motioning to the waiter, Rich, when he brought the bottle over and opened it that I try it first.  With that head motion, barely seen forehead jerk, as if to say “Let him…” I thought, why me, but then I understood, and liked what I saw and understood, how I was seen as an interpreter, a decoder, a de-myriad-ing reader of wine.  Huh.  And I still think, and want to feel that, “Huh.”

Maybe it’s an ego thing, maybe it’s not, but I self-realize and actuate in that people at the very least are interested in my opinion on wine, wines at the table.  And that’s all it is, an opinion.  I’m just crazy enough to write and blog and circulate my wine opinion.

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