Wine Industry…

Be more about the wine, less industry.  More genuine and selfless conversation and invitation… more thought and love, music and kind, unobtrusive instances.  


Wine is about love.  Wine is LITERATURE, and pages are turned when the reader wants to keep reading.  The wine is where the story is, where my story will always be.  Wine education?  Begin with wine conversation, human interaction…. That will elevate sales and guest experience.  Rather than approach me with a glass in your hand when I approach the tasting room, offer a smile, a word, your name, hello.  I want to meet you, know more about the winery, yes, but you as well.  Then, we can broach any ‘sell’.

Wine and the industry it begets has taken a turn, so I take a turn, to wildly refocus on the wine and the people, learn more about them and why they walked into my tasting room.  Why they want to take time from their life, spend monies they devoted months if not longer of saving to, to spend time with me, taste with me, have a conversation right here, in my room.  Here I am, here’s where I’m going in the industry.