At Winery…

Eating cheese, crackers, a bit of meat from fridge.  Paid for with tip from the other day.  Taking pictures of barrels all day. 

Something about them is speaking to the writer, to where I am in the semester and what I want from this day… closing April, closer to my birthday, another year, more life, new life in the vineyard and this new life in me from this morning where at first I was in a mood but was ripped from that lull soon as I drove up the Roth driveway.

Finding unexpected propulsion in words of someone, on making my own opportunities.  He voiced this, or texted this to me, in jest, but now I wrap my thinking around he words with utter poignancy.  Blogging everything in the wine industry, in this tasting room— all wines I sip, last night’s Mountain Cuvée from Gundlach-Bundschu, not expecting much from a low price-point bottle but getting rounds and riles, voices over voices of conversation and education on my relationship with wine.  It spoke to me with no complication or ambiguity.  It was just a pleasant conversation, showing me I need listen more and not focus on price as I have been lately.

Writing in the kitchen, which I’ve done a couple times.  Backpack with me of course and I accelerate everything.  Photo shoot after work, on Roth’s property, throughout its blocks.  Want shots of upper Cabernet lots and the vineyard that I believe is Merlot, tucked into the hill and quite shaded many times during day.  Need more vineyard photog in my story… not taking from the writing but adding a savory storm to what I narrate… walking Sauvignon Blanc the other morning, to center Self before a day, Sunday, more than busy.  The vineyard calmed me, reassured and taught me that all is in my hold.  I steer, it said, and my vision was cleared…

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