Yesterday on lunch, getting out for vineyard walk. 

So many times not even filming, or shooting a picture.  Just walking.  Being.  There in the vineyard.  Woke this morning, hungry like yesterday, but with a bit more effectiveness.  About to go into a meeting, one of those meetings like so many others solves, does, contributes to little.  But, it’s great.  More than okay with me.  I learn from the ineffectiveness of its persistence.

Wine, at all focuses.  All additional blogs, either put on some back-burner, or dead entirely.  Needed a 4-shot mocha this morning, so I’m here in the same seat as yesterday’s sitting at the Windsor Starbucks, thinking about my shop and about business and how to walk with even more creative amble.  I’m ready for the day, in some many shapes and tones.  Someone suggested to me recently that I truly show ownership over what I’m doing.  At first, if you know me, my initial inclination was to assume defensive direction and flex.  Then, I owned that suggestion, that inference and the picture of me somewhere… in my own shop and with my own shape of wine and creative freedom.  Today… at lunch, in office.  Contribute to pushup count for day.  Only have 10 so far, but I need time to jump back and forth between paragraphs and some exertion.  Today… today.. all in head today.  I’ll do today more effectively and more wildly, more profitably, that anyone around me.  Wine has always motivated me to be different, defiant… and not so much “motivated” me, as ordering me.  Fierce command of action.  So I do… today, any day I write.  Cars pull up to drive-through window to right, and I mean right at my right, I ignore them but them wonder what they’re getting, and wonder when I won’t have to come here, to a Starbucks to write before work like so many other page-pilers and bloggers.

Wine industry.  What it is to me…. people.  Trying new realities and steps, like I said in the video I shot yesterday in the Carménère block.  Just walking, enjoying the leaves and budding vines, everything.  The birds the soil, the rocks by the base of each vine.  I was part of the vineyard, and not in some cliché contrivance.  My lunch yesterday, taught me that I need to keep going with my wined story, and consolidate as far as I’m able.  Everything is wine.  When I’m a daddy in the morning with my babies, watching grow and develop more dimension to their characters, and collective character as siblings.  When a runner, developing more discipline, strength, quickness and in-the-moment methods of intensifying that quality and code of my character.  The vineyard said it’s time for me to graduate, out of the tasting room while staying in its walls, then traveling and speaking on all wine’s symbolic gravity, and wine itself… not ‘how to taste’, or what to look for, but what wine says, what it embodies.  MY story, this morning, taking on new direction and device.