What wine tells me…

img_1069Don’t just taste wine.  Listen to her.  What is she telling you?  Not that you’re being told to DO something, or anything extemporaneous, necessarily, but what is being said.  Ask yourself that, and earnestly.  I just tasted one of our blends, here at Roth, the ’14 Heritage, and she told me that there’s more in the vineyard for me to know.  A pulchritudinous poetry that I have to hear… listen.  To everything in the vineyard, from the birds and the gusts sporadic through the dormant vines, to what my steps say— each stone, each dirt form and enclosure.

Whenever someone tells me, industry or no, that they’e going wine tasting, I always wonder what they’re looking for, if anything.  I’m always on a trek for new translations and varietal clefs.  New notes and chords int he wine from palate’s front to summation.  The Heritage tells me to collect more in my wined notes, try more, of everything.  If I’m to get to my shop quicker, I don’t need to necessarily know more as I need to hear more.. more music, more tones and talk more poetry and aesthetics both theorized and tangible in wine, herself.

You want to know what I think about wine?  She’s much beyond what you see int he class.  What you taste.  Listen.  Listen to everything she says and research what her history holds and the mysteries of what we’ll never solve but get encouraged by knowing of their metaphysical presence.  I’m listening to everything around me, at this winery, on lunch “break” in kitchen hearing the dishwasher warm up and reminded of all the glasses I need to polish and prep for tomorrow’s crazy day.  The wine business and industry, world, in a sweet layering of the maniacal.  For writers like me, I’m only emboldened, electrified and compiled in her collective composition.  I’m listening.. I’m taught… I’m composed.  With more healing and assuring composition.

Whatever I taste next here, today, and whatever I open tonight, I’m vowing to listen.  Not just list characteristics or “nuances” as so many motion, but hear her, connect, grow, learn from that sip in that blink, second or nano.