Today, Parfait

…and I was relieved to find I wasn’t bothering him on any account.  If he were busy, I wouldn’t have tasted but more than likely just walked around the estate and shot videos, taken pictures, just made the moment my own which was, and still is now at 13:36, the point of this day, specifically.

3 bottles from Arista, and 6 from Porter, as Jonathan sweetly insisted I take a couple bottles home to study, kind chap.  So now I’m here, collecting, trying to get to everything in the writing routine I typed up for self either yesterday or the day before…day before, that’s right, at school, between classes. Was about to take a nap but told self ‘Don’t you fucking dare.’ Brewed one of my cinnamon-flavored k-cups, the cinnamon dolce latte option I picked up from the store.  Again, the other day…. This cup type I’ve found has more a boosting and jolting quality that the other choices I usually choose.  So I’m awake, writing, creating, thinking of what wine I’ll tonight taste.  Opened a Chateau St. Jean Pinot last night.  Was alright, I guess.  Didn’t disclose the same volume and charming beat as when I first met it a couple weeks ago in the CSJ tasting room.  But that’s wine.. it changes, as we do.  I’m different today.  I am.  I wanted a break, a ME-day, a day to be perfect or as close to perfect as plausible.

In cette journée parfaite (this perfect day), I’m keeping myself moving, take several small breaks rather than one large where I just take a nap… that would do nothing for me, for my story, for my writings about wine and the two winery visits I just had.  In such a wine mood and mode right now that I’m tempted to have a small glass following this coffee.  Of course I won’t, but wine is everywhere in my thinking. Not the wine itself so much as the vineyards, what I felt walking into Arista’s TR…