img_6120Wines tonight, telling me to tell more of their collective and individually pronounced personalities.  Have my list continuing, compiling and seeing my shop layer itself in believability.  Sip the Racer 5 that I just picked up from bar, along with glass of Domaine Carneros for wife, and want the most non-replicated tasting room bar in existence in my shop… not necessarily crescent in shape and extent, or square, or even straight… but…. Something else.

Tired.  Not hitting word goal, but I’m stopping.  As at a winery, you won’t always hit goal, as much as on paper it seems possible, a no-brainer, but it won’t happen.  You won’t hit it out of the park, all days.  So.. time for a wild wine writer to be with family… glass of the ’13 Roth Merlot.  Daughter acting silly, Kerouac tired.. I need to relax.  This Merlot will tell me something, I know.  I’ll log on phone, notes, wine figments and codings, words.

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