Errands done.  Got a Chardonnay for the night…. Getting up early with wife, tomorrow.  So not too much wine for the writer.  Have to write VLJ letter, and have that be more a consistent staple.. in fact…..

Semester starting next week, harvest starting its swings, me with more projects and pictures and writings than I can inventory, but I know I have to or, and, learn to.  Having a beer here in the home office, waiting for wife and babies to come home.  Emma this morning crying when I handed her off to Ms. Beth, screaming “DADA… DADA…” My heart and self and soul and all of my fortification crumbled right there in front of Ms. Austen and her little classroom colleagues.  I’m fine now, after this ‘Little Sumpin’ Extra!’ but I still can’t shake that cry, and the hurricane like twirl and shove of understanding that I am a father, I need to produce from these projects, all these creative efforts.  Luckily, this new winery “management” post has provided somewhat of a lucrative platform for me to explore new wine approaches as well as writing and photog’ paths.  I’m not denying my fortune, believe me.  And with this new semester, two 4-unit classes…. the year’s remainder is set to sow its own narrative.

Hear those wind chimes next door, has me thinking of this coming September, month’s end when Alice and I head down to Monterey for our 10-year.  And that too has me thinking of time and how it’s passing quicker than I want it to but time could care less, could and couldn’t care less, about my sensitivity to its indifference, and its 100% success shape.  Day’s begin, and they end, the calendar forward gallops and we can’t do a thing about it.  Pictures of clusters from yesterday, with my tour around the property with those amazing Texans has me thinking again about my vineyard.  Do I want to buy in AV, RRV?  Kenwood?  I’m a dreamer, and that’s just what I’m going to encourage my students this semester set themselves in… dreamer mode.

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