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Day 39, 7/18/17, Tuesday….  Just wrote the vino letter a jour, now a couple moments of other written collection in my adjunct office.  17:32.  What do I do.  Hungry, but I’m not letting myself get slowed by anything anatomical.  Part of me is tempted to go to the classroom now, get into character, take some notes and be more ready to teach than I expected myself to be.  Just finished a sparkling black cherry water I bought on the way over here, and feeling elevated from my day with the little beats.

Yes… going to classroom.  Will keep them for an hour then head to wine shop for tonight’s writing project.  There’s something in my character today, something of mammoth focus.  Can’t put my finger on it, but I know what it is.  What words?  Don’t know.  Maybe none.  But I know what’s there.  I know where I’m going and what I’m doing… and somewhat know where I’m going to wind up.  OR, not.  Know there’s a house in Carmel.  That much I do fucking know.

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