On lunch… 14:48.  Ready to leave.  Well, I shouldn’t say it like that, I’m merely in a spiral or holding pattern, or fly-around-the-tower state.  Taken several pictures with phone, hopefully I’ll have time to take some shots with camera on way home.  Know just the spot I want to shoot, just past Medlock Ames, on the right side, before the bridge.  Co-worker coming back here to talk.  I’m only interested in writing about what’s around me, and how I now see it differently.  Taking home Zin… Mom telling me she’s bringing over some random Rhône blend and a Grüner Veltliner, think she said.  Not in the mood for another vineyard walk, just sit here at my desk and stare out the window, imagining my vineyards and eventual label.. no more than than 4-5k css.  Want it small.. not anything like a Safeway shelf bottle culture.. and not “boutique”.  Hat that word— misused and over-misused.   This lunch will be assigned to contemplation and what I’m doing with my wild wine pages.. and beyond book one, and 6 and 20-whatever.  Outside I’m thinking of the Sangiovese vines and how they sprint up and over the hill.

Co-worker insisted on making me a sandwich.. I’m taken by the spicy cheese and the meat, the warmed authentic sourdough bread.  Should I pour myself some of this Zin I’m to take home, in the random glass I’m taking home that some how found its way to our TR?  A winery, me… here, tasting room story growing with its complexities and how I’m more open to more, those details and specifics that are otherwise ignored… I stay writing and capturing all around me at the winery.. what I have to do.  Someone getting into this industry, and an intro level, should know there’s not only much to know but more than merely “much” that will unexpectedly become part of your life.  Working in wine is not work, it’s life.  And love.  Education.. thought, cognitive measurement.