Already busy-busy this morrow.  Poems out of the way, and now to client writing…. Have to fit a run in, somehow.  Do I do the treadmill, or street?  Thinking treadmill…. Have to be in client office at 13:00.  Okay.. think this out…. How about finish page of client writing, then run… just around the neighborhood, see what I can fit into an hour-run.  Have it be a measure-run.  Done… ‘cause if I go to the gym, there’s the drive then parking then finding a belt to run on and setting up music… yeah, just launching from here, the tireless writer, father of all bloggers.

Getting more confident in my writing and creative practices.  Wouldn’t say cocky but I’m definitely comfortable.  Maybe it is a bit of cockiness.  But I think that’s okay, in moderation.  Again, I said ‘a bit’.  Going to keep self busy all the way till dinner tonight at Rosso’s.  Love that place, their wine selection—

Finished some tasting notes for what I had last night, that Pinot.  Still have to edit what I wrote above… can’t stand when my sentences veer as a result of exhaustion coupled with sips.  No more of that.