…only write and act— not “act”, but be in constant advancement toward what the writer wants.  Forget needs, I want what I want, and I want everything.  The glass, still empty.  I’ll fill it when I want to.  You may think the metaphor is obvious, but there’s not metaphor.  I just want another glass of wine.  22:19.  Have to be up in a matter of hours but I didn’t get a lunch break today and I should be allowed what I want.  Just some time to write.  Another glass of this red.  What did I pour myself?  Was it the Merlot, or that Cab?  When in the anew industry, you get turned around quickly.  But I let myself.  The wine has no hold, but I want it to.  Want to feel that character about my senses again.  Go get another glass.  But I’m too jabbed by the inner language of not this wine writer but the day at the winery, talking to club members and first-timers to the property— lady today, club member, talking to me about brand narrative and re-branding, she throwing not so much objections at me but demands for explanation.  And I have to say, my responses were so quick and encompassing that she had no alternative but to nod her head and say something like, “Yeah, yeah, that’s true…” I wasn’t challenging her, or trying to outsmart her, but trying to re-assure her and show her that the intentions of the winery are true, transparent, kind, and candid.  Was one of those interactions that reminded me—  I’m good at this.  Not just selling wine, and branding/re-branding, but communicating with consumers.  Informing them.  Containing their perception.  But, tomorrow.  Deep into this wine industry life…

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