img_9527Not a lot of time to write, but I’m writing.  Had such a rich and telling meeting with English 1B section.  Will be sad to see the term end.  But as always, they do.  Looking over notes, my jot to self about being in a workshop and just staring at the bench— thinking about how that metaphor would be taken, should be translated.  Part of me shares the thought with the other part, in that it’s the invite to create, while yet another sees it as an urgency to not deliberate for too long.  To ACT… create!  Waiting will only keep you in place.

Driving up to winery after this.  Still feel run from last night, my 6-point-whatever miles on the treadmill.  When the lights went down, I felt more charge, more electricity in my character.  At first, I didn’t want to run… I remember driving there thinking about how tired I am and how early I have to get up the next day, then I told myself bluntly to SHUT UP.  Keep working, I said.  “If you’re a tireless writer, I expect that.” Yes.  Of course.

Seven minutes and I have to pack up and rush down these Emeritus Hall stairs.  Today, reader, be tireless.  Be an animal.  Shock yourself with everything you can get done.  And why not live in the moment and be madly in love with all your moments.  You may not have a lot of time in some spots, but you DO have some time, some time to change your story and re-write as you see ought, go where you want to go.  The only entity that can keep you in one place is YOU.  Remember that.  If you find yourself up half the mountain, and you feel winded, or a bit tired, take a second to congratulate yourself that you have started the journey and you’ve made it half the way.  Then, get back into tireless form and keep climbing.  Think of how sweet that view will be… think of how lovely the air will taste coming back down… the views, the views.

There is something mammoth and marvelous for all of us.  Go to the bench.  Think.  Then build.  Create.