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Singularized, finally.  but I have that cleaning to do.  Starting with this laptop, then moving to the actual tangible pieces around me in this what-used-to-be home office.

There you go… or maybe not.  Don’t want to focus on it now.  Like a winemaker focusing on a blend but pulling away from the bench to look at some budgeting spreadsheet.  The budgeting has to be done… BUT, art comes first.  The project first.  My inner Bottled Ox is entirely in motion at the minute, tempted as I am to take a nap.  Reasoned I’m going to get my little Kerouac early from school, maybe take him to lunch or something, somewhere, or just come back home..

Want to nap but I can’t let myself.  Need to be strong, tough writer for the babies.  Just keep writing, I tell myself.  Keep working.  It’s all about the work.  See my office again, me typing and feeling this way, wanting to go home and take a nap, but how would that look to my staff, right?  Yes.. I stay here, write about anything.. the jazz I have cued, how I’m writing on the couch which is probably a bad idea since it just tempts me to lay down and close my eyes.. keep playing like this pianist, the drummer.  Have to empty my bag, next step in cleaning.  Change, books, pens, all the nonsense.  Truly tired of carrying that thing around.  So no more.  And I mean it this time.  The goal is to singularize, to travel light.  Be quick, simple, mobile, exploratory, disciplined in such ideology.  Be Buddhist with my art patterns.. humble, connected to environment.

Wine.. more focus.  Anything wine-associated or hinted-at… all my writing will involve education, wine, both, or something strikingly connected.  Just some affirmation and re-emphasis to Self.  Probably could have left you out of it, reader, but it’s here noted if you feel’s though you want to know.


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