Running a little late this Saturday morning, so no 1,000 word sitting.  Or not right now.  It’ll rather be this evening when I lock myself in this house and write toward some gorilla word amount, like 3000 or 2500 words.  But where will the pages go?  Guess that’s something I have to think about today while pouring and educating on wine.  Wine and education… always sounded funny to me.  Where am I taking self to dinner tonight?  Have to stop at store… so much to do but all I want to think about and AM thinking about is writing.  Journalism piece tonight on wine being “bottled poetry” and how wine is poetry to itself, and that the bottle is an afterthought at best.  Actually, the wine is an afterthought.  What’s truly of poetic perambulation is everything in the vineyard.. the trellising wires, the soil, trees around the many blocks… any streams or water ways…. THAT, is poetic.

Looking at the clock on this laptop, 08:57.. shit.  How did time again get away from the writer?  Remember… WRITE.  All day today.  About wine, yes, but more the seemingly ancillary aspects.  They’re not subliminal or ‘adjunct’… they are the primary principle.  The nucleus.

Ideally I wanted, and still want, the daily thousand and poem in this second project to be finished in morning hours.  Today that won’t happen obviously but I’m hoping with a house to the writer’s self this nuit and all day tomorrow for the most part where I hope to wake at 4am or earlier, I can get everything done.  That I can again surprise myself.  Have a finished piece… maybe shop it around.  Do something different.  Short stories… narrative… poetry of course… maybe a short stage play… vignettes… what if the book gets done tonight?  I can have whatever I want.

Need to buy decaf for tonight.  And caf for tomorrow morning.  Could wake like that one student, at 03:45.  And just start writing.  Then go for a run.  This is poetry, all these thoughts.. the realization and confirmation that all is already here.  I don’t need to apply for jobs or look for something better.  There is nothing better than what’s already paginated.