Being a student is always.  We’re always students.  Of ourselves, of the world around us, of the moment we’re in right now.  Of everything.  Not only do we need to record our moments and understandings, but we need to study how we react.  To everything.  “Who you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you’re saying.” Emerson said.  When you’re a forever-student, you will be seen by others and by yourself as a figure of learning, of knowledge addiction.  And be this, always.  Learning.  Student-oriented.  And, others around you will learn from this eternally matriculated You.  See every day as a class session, every week as a semester, ever year as a degree program.  Learn from follies and forwards.  There’s a gem in everything.  Everything.  But, you have to actuate the student’s tendencies and scope.  So, do.

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