The ides of March.  I’m quite set

on defeating today in more ways than twelve.  Aside from selling, having something to sell.  I will not leave Santa Rosa today.  Not going to H-burg.  2, five pages.  Five contiguous pages for the blog.  And one to sell.  I can’t be too consumed with having material to sell as it’s all for sale.  In classroom now at 6:59am and needing to do something to keep the artist’s blood in its emboldened road.  Dark outside from daylight savings time which only saves itself at our expense.  I’m getting my prize— office and book, thoughts and notes, the travel and speaking out of state.  Quiet room, hear vent above me.  Is that AC or heat?  Hard to tell.  Temp in the room is agreeable but confusing and my heart races after the deep coffee glugs, slugs, I had on the way over here.

Should have woken at 4am.  But didn’t.  May break Santa Rosa confinement to run in Healdsburg.  Shit… see?  NO.  Stick to biz plan… launch from house.

7:03am… students could walk in, invade my tranquility and shatter it at any moment.  Turning back pages randomly in Composition Book— come to page reading… “Key to being a morning person—recognize its enormity and intensity.” Practicing what I promote, even with a utter light-lack on the other side of that window.