Was going to take a nap, which I very well could have, but put on a cup of coffee and am coming back to work.  Hear some of the neighboring kids outside playing, bouncing a basketball.  I need this quiet.  This meditation.  In this reinvent mode, I’m taking everything out of the backpack, and putting my ‘everything’ bag upstairs in the closet.  And, no more taking laptop out of the house.  When on the road, or at work, or wherever, use phone.  There’s simply no reason to take it anywhere.  New Mike writes pen to paper, then types.

Part of me wishes I would have taken that nap, but the other Me is cheering.  I have plenty of time when I sleep to rest.  Now’s about brainstorming… how to sell writing… how to sell Me.  The ‘syllable hut’ idea… not sure how to develop, but more notes in Composition book.  Later have to email client, add some pages to chapbook project, and who knows what else.  You know, I think this backpack contributes to a lack of focus, cluttered thinking… need cleanliness of thought and—  You know what, I’m emptying it NOW.  Wonder what it’ll feel like, not having to lug it around everyday.

Well, to empty it and toss it in the closet upstairs felt incredible.  I’d been putting that off for I don’t know how long.  But it’s done now.  I’d actually done it before but didn’t last long.  This will be permanent, you can bet.  What else can I do?  Clean out the car?  Yes.. but not now.  Need to be focused here on the floor, in this home office that could be so much more for me creatively.  Have to plan…. Or just go for it.  Much prefer the latter.  I’ll spend all night tonight in here, arranging and re-arranging, writing in the Comp Book, and who knows what else, but I won’t allow myself to leave.  No chance.

Not sure what to do now.  Today’s inventory so far:

-Daddy time with babies

-Work at client’s

-Back home to have a snack and work

So here I am, working, keeping the momentum going, but need something and I’m not sure what.  Look left and see the Happiness Project journal a student bought for me.  “Forming everything for me that emboldens creativity.” I wrote for today’s sentence.  Creativity will solve any stall, will remedy any anxiety, and will usher me to anything I want.  I know.  No other spot for me in this standalone moment, today, than to be here, home.  I wasn’t meant to take that nap.  The Story had other plans.

Coffee nearing its end, as is this freewrite.  Kids are outside playing, which makes me think of this morning, watching my babies play around the house.  I need to be more playful, creative, playfully creative in business.  Just try everything, reader.  One thing I’m learning and want to share with you.  Keep close inventory, breathe, and always have a pen in your hand.