wine sketchez 

Telling me just what I wanted to hear from a Pinot, from the first visit to this tasting room in years.  Wild berry and spice, charisma and romance, personality and persuasion, all aligned with its true-to-roots Burgundian meditation.  Its own Roman candle, a distinct Road to its palated self.  I remember sipping with the young girl who sat me, poured, me sitting then wanting to stand, walk around the loft-like room with the light raspberry-tinted splash, sewing new purposes and quiets…  This bottle coaxed me to reflect and re-analyze the sum of this writer’s echos, self-speaks, introspective inner-notebook retreats.  With its composition and flavor complexion the paused in shapely peace.  Looked around, at a wall, then that vintage sign, I resign then re-align.. suggestions of milk-chocolate, taffy, toffee, fruit leather and some terrestrial dust, sign after sign.  Thoughts, nickel and dime– multiplied and written while imbibed.