I’ve discovered something about myself.

Something new.  A symphony cosmically positive.  There is a new shift in the story, and it’s only positive—  NO….. WILDLY POSITIVE.  I’m almost 38.  Why didn’t I see this sooner?  No time to think about that.  Monday.. Day 1 of week, but I’m not doing any more of those ‘Day 1…Day 2…3, and so on’ projects anymore.  Each day is its own standalone.  Yes I’m celebrating at the moment but as well inventorying what’s taking place.  All abilities and narrations, prowesses, consolidated into this bottle.. this story.  The Ox is finally entrenched.  Now, onward.

It’s Monday.  Be obnoxiously positive and self-assured—  What you’re doing should be what you decide and measure to do.

Cheers, readers…. Let me know how the radiant positivity you enact contributes to your day.

Yours, Loyally, Always and Always…