Jackie last night 

telling me he wishes he could do all the “cool stuff”, as he put it, that I can, like tossing my running sweater onto the ground as I did, and whistling.  I smiled and held him before telling him to go to bed and leaving his room that he’s far more ‘cool’ than I am or will ever be.  Not sure he understood but it made me smile and motivates me this morning.  And this morning, surprisingly melodic.  No turbulence.  Left the house before I targeted, dropped off babies at school/care, and now collect thoughts in Whole Foods parking lot after running in to get 3-shot mocha and cinn-rais’ bagel.  The day’s different than the last two.  Far more fruitful and energizing, instructional, supportive…

Run planned for after work, and my plan for the next 8 or so hours is to record everything.  Even the seemingly simple and bland, boring.  It’s part of the story, with cosmic value.

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