Opened the ’12

Napa Cab I bought earlier.  About three sips into it, and I’m indecisive.  How to spend these last remaining hours of ’16?  And why dwell on it!  Or even think about it.  Just be in the moment.  My mood, a bit low and sluggish, but I’ll repair somehow.  Focus on the wine and all the wine writing to do in ’17.  On new bottles, new vineyard thoughts, new thoughts organic in me about wine.  My relationship with wine.  How wine’s tellings are diametrically different in other where’s of the world.  That’s what I want to get into– study, research, hunt.  Be a student again.  Self-educating, always chasing.  Write only about wine in these remaining hours.  Which are about 3… well, 2 hours and 59 minutes, some seconds to be fully transparent as I lean against the counter, right by the sink, staring at my glass, wondering how much the Freemark Abbey pour has decided to change, alter its voice and feel in the last few minutes. Sipping and…  even more of that smoky chocolate beso. With some concluding cherry and minty-something ebbs…  don’t know what exactly I’m tasting and why do I even need to have these sensations dumbed down and numbed down to some universally understood adjective?  Wines more than that.

To me.