Article done.  Slow in the office.  Beautiful

outside.  Icy and slippery, frost over the cover-crops and cut vines— the clean air that people from New York or L.A., or any other big city in the country cite and praise.  I refuse to slow even a bit today, after the first 2017 trial were relatively successful.  Today, the 3rd, I have one goal— 3 pages.  In the trois pages, I’ll have at least one article.  But the simple goal is to get there, on the 4th page.  At least just one word.  One word or punctuation symbol.

Coffee nearly done.  So now what?  Think a co-worker’s making some.  Want to go for a walk, just taste that air again.  Pretend I’m a tourist hearing all the morning sounds and birds by Dry/Dutcher Creek, the sound of the cracking canes while I walk down a row.  All for first time.  Need to stay moving and active, observant and creative.