2017, exhibition day 2

In car.  In healdsburg early.  So far, the second exhibition fairs well.  Should have pushed self a bit further last night, but I needed sleep.  Much into the coffee, this morrow, about to go to client’s tasting room for DTC work.  What else I want from ’17, more time with kids, as I think I noted in a recent entry but I need to punctuate that aim again.  This morning with Jack, him looking down at me in that pull-out bed, quite aggressively and comedically saying “WAKE UP, DADA!” I told him I needed a couple more minutes of sleep but he didn’t care.  And thanks to him, I had my early start.  Not 4AM-early, but early enough for this yay-saying yodel.  Sip coffee, watch cars pass me here on Vine Street… now a runner passes.  Car tells me it’s 37 degrees outside.  Hope the tasting room is heated this morning, as last time it was like an icy tomb not allowing me to be comfortable.  But none of that, no critiques or even mild assessments.  The second ’17 trial, of this newly electric and musical Me.  Away, away…  Thanks to the coffee and little Kerouac, my beat it tireless and apt.

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