2017, exhibition day 1

In line for coffee.  Figure I have like 20 or so minutes to write.  Already know where I’ll be at year’s end.  Wrote starting and finishing lists.  But onward moving, I’m militantly motivated this A.M.

Now waiting for coffee.  There’s a time in everyday at the winery where you feel of sense of ‘okay so what now’…  not today.  Pas aujourd’hui.  I’m getting as much recorded as I can… seeing every hour as its own business and business plan and set of possibilities.  People around me talk, with an innocent layer of eagerness.  Maybe this is their trial for the ’17 year.  As well?

Went to sit at a table on the other side of the store, but stranger sat directly behind me which unnerved, so I came back to the waiting area where there’s a nice cozy nook inside which I’ve before written.  And, there’s a CHP officer sitting to my right, talking with some guy in one of those camo’ jackets, I think the kind that many hunters or rural fisherman wear.  9:17 and I don’t have much time to compose a piece… story of this writing father’s story, no doubt.  But I type on into this first exhibition before the ’17 season starts.  One reality for 12/32/17, where you’ll find this writing father, in his Healdsburg office.

First sip of the mocha, not at all pleasing.  Too sweet.  Another ’17 plan, just straight coffee from here out and onward and forever.  The music playing, a track by dZihan & Kamien, one I’ve heard before but not in some time.  See self in office now, starting day by finishing a read I started last week.  More than just a mere expected motivation with a new year approach, encroaching.  This is a lesson in real, primally creative reinvention.






In car now.  Speeding toward that finish and start line.  Same line, same time, this writing father and his lists.   It more important is the story and how a writing daddy rewrites.

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