3:56PM.  Done with

grilled turkey & cheese, fries, made call to client, received email from SSU communicating how I didn’t get classes.  So in essence they only contacted me to see if I were interested.  But now I have my answer, and following not that much additional reflection, I’m more photo-on-12-14-16-at-4-29-pmthan okay with it.  More time to write, more time to build #mikemcreate, and more time most importantly to be with my family.  Noticed this morning how much and quickly both our babies are growing.  Need to be with them every moment, second, split-second, I can.  They won’t be this little and innocent forever.  Or even that much longer.  Had to laugh this morning when Emma became a bit irritated with her much-bigger bro, climbing on him and pulling his hair.  I literally did laugh.  I had to.  Here’s this little thing, turning 1 tomorrow, and attacking her nearly 5 year-old sibling.  I laughed because that was the first time and the first time for anything never happens again.  And with the context of my babies, I’m going to laugh— even if I’m not supposed to.  I’m going to enjoy them being babies, then kids.  Then older.. or, we’ll see.  (Joke.)

Sipping 7UP, not at all full from my SRJC caf’ lunch.  Documenting the day, this final day of regular instruction, and I’m happy, completely content with the day’s progression.  And thinking further, more and more at peace with SSU’s outcome.  This will be the last such communication with them.  I’m done.  ‘Less they ask me to guest-lecture, or speak, or something.  But I’m not waiting for them to offer me classes.  I’m not waiting for anyone to offer me anything.  I can’t afford the wait.  Who can afford to wait to act?  No one.  No one should.

After post to blog I’ll do a little reading and research, prep for class, then plan for how to topple tonight.  Enrichingly tidal day, today.  Thankful.