This #WineWednesday

img_8820Running out of time after vineyard walk on River Road, way past Santa Rosa and I think maybe on the outskirts of Forestville.  Maybe have time for 250 words, about one page to a college student, double spaced, so I sped as I speed, stay spend on the keyboard.  My thoughts can’t escape the grip of that vineyard, or any vineyard.  All the vineyards I saw driving to and from that block I walked with my camera and phone, taking pictures and promising myself every few minutes or so “Okay, only three more with the phone and two with the camera then leave.” But it didn’t work that way.  I was on a time budget and constriction, but didn’t care.  Well, I did care I was just powerless against the pull of all those fall shades, tints and contrasts.

Now that I’m home, I only want to go back out, but I can’t having to prep for class once I finally get to campus, but not before taking a shower and packing bag, making sure I’m ready.  The creative feels pressured this morning, contained but in a fruitful way.  Just this first picture alone says multitudes of multiplied multiplicities about where the vineyard is in its yearly cycle, or story.  It’s time to rest.  It’s time to breathe in after all the work, time to relax, “So just relax, Mike, don’t worry about the time,” the picture offers.  This I somewhat saw approaching but didn’t, the vines delivering something sage.  I may be running out of time this morning but I refuse to run.  I’ll take my time, relax this morning and enjoy the pictures, both on phone and camera.  People travel from around the country and planet to see what I saw this morning.  All I had to do was drive down the street.  So, the writer need not be sped.  It’s all right here, the vineyard’s image reassures me, “Everything you need is right around you, so relax.”