Learned:  This won’t be forever.

Where I’m able to run like this, write like this, move and work like this.  It’s day’s end and I’m more than exhausted.  Sipping a ’15 Chardonnay from Dutcher to reward self.  Not running tomorrow.  Was going to go shop for clothes but I’m thinking coffee and writing, time in this home office would be more my livery.  No photo to attach to this entry, and frankly I’m tired of feeling like I always have to.  I don’t want to be like these other “lifestyle” bloggers.  Why?  Because they’re anything but a writer.  I live in the literary strut and reasoned paradiddle.  Musical, or I try to be— just truthful, not too focused on marketing or selling.  So if I’m promoting or trying to impress some lifestyle type on readers it’s to be free, be YOU, and liberate yourself from pattern.  Time is NOT always with you.  Looking out at the vineyard today, at around mile 6 or 7, on West Dry Creek Road, I thought “One day I’ll be at an age where I can’t run like this, where I can’t look out at a vineyard while running, where I’ll be worn, slow, wishing for more time…” So I kept running, let my head lean back and breathed like a revelation was strangling me, and it was beneficially.

Chardonnay in the kitchen.  I’ll have night’s cap momentarily, but now I look at the medal they gave me today for the run, the Healdsburg Half Marathon.  Feel like I ran but didn’t, right now.  I mean, yes, I’m tired, but not beat, not drained or visibly sluggish.  I’ll reward myself with another class in a minute, but for right now I just want to think.  ‘Lifestyle’… do I have to have one?  Do I have to be this, that, something else, can’t I have a myriad of arrangement/approach?  I’m just going to keep running…

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