Just out of shower,

standing with towel ’round me.  Feel like I’m too busy to go to work.  How’s that?  How IS that?  How’s that even possible?  These are days off, to collect and meditate, plan, do laundry, errands, write checks… Ugh, and I’m an adjunct, prepping for classes.  Just realizing that this needs to stop.  Adjuncts need to make it work for them, or just quit.  And that’s where I am, after ten years of this shit.  Just so it’s noted.  My lifestyle, if you want to obsess over ‘lifestyle’ is going to change.  Today.  Not going to cite specificity, but this is hanging me.  I’m changing this.

I need a day off.

Or two.

Huh, imagine that, two days off, consecutively.

Those are called weekends, right?

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