Finally I can write freely,

though the big dinner I had makes me slow, as well as this St. Francis Cab.  Want to recapture what I felt on the ‘Water to Wine’ half.  Haven’t written about that, at… well, no, not at all.  Why.  One of my best times, and how I felt at the end was like a cosmic code of reassurance that I’ll be on the Road soon.  Haven’t ran since then, Sunday, but have been doing little exercises around the house— planks, pushups, leg squats or whatever’s.  My next race isn’t till October, the Healdsburg half.  Wish it were next week.  Was going to go for a run this morning, even had a no-wine night last night, but failed.  God. Damn. Me.  Have to move on, have to be guerrilla with my fitness life, staying alive and trim, “in-shape” or whatever, just alive for my babies, so they can always have me around, forever.

Setting alarm for 4AM.  Fuck it.  I’m going to wake and dive into push-ups, sit-ups, leg-holds, or those squat things where you bend down with a straight back and hold.  And planks.  I’m going to torture and be brutal to my own self with planks.  Tomorrow’s the last day of the semesters so maybe I can just come home and go for a short run.  OR, run from campus.. what do you think?  Run around the track a few times.  When was the last time I did that, run around a track?  Just the predictable nature of a circular run has me uneasy, but it’s running.  I have to get in the cardio where I can… then I think of a new idea, not business or blog, just new idea— for dads.  Exercising when you can and where you can.  Think I already told so above.  Blame the food, not the wine.  If anything, I’m more wanting to just relax now, think about this Summer semester and how I failed in so many manifests but as well merriment, manifold.  Have to move on from this section.  Morning awaits.  4AM , more acutely.  So, away, Me.