Nearly time for bed, 11:01PM. 

Again thinking I need be more outside the box, as I used to pronounce to students like a total cliché English Professor when I first started teaching— you know, that professor who wants to be different, start some revolution, or whatever.  Well, why not just do it rather than want to do it.  Wine still on my inner screen, all I see, the grapes and the property, the owner’s story, traveling around the world to understand wine more.  I’m not a student nor follower of wine, but more a freely soaring acolyte, an encouraged emboldenee.

Sat on the patio with a beer while the sprinklers tried like wobbly spraying jesters to revive the lawn.  But I didn’t and don’t care at the time.  My day’s done and I’m at my desk, kids and wife asleep, and this time is mine.  So the next obvious transition is to ice cream, what certains know I’m more adhered to, even more than wine.  I’m frustrated in that so many but me travel.  That will change.  I’ll be everywhere, speaking and lecturing, teaching and offering ideas.  On writing and wine and blogging and life and positivity— Zen, and happiness, just sharing ideas not trying to promote or profess some faulty sage shit.  Not me.  I just want to share, I just want to talk.  (8/4/16)