Teaching Note: 

If you only have ten minutes to write, then do what I’m doing…  WRITE!  Don’t think about it, don’t overthink it, just let your fingers jump around the keys like startled jackrabbits.  I tell students all the time when we do timed writings or certain creative in-class assignments or prompts, “Overthought is writer-death.” Yes, knowing where you’re going with a piece should be of some concern, but not right away.  Writing is about truth, I’ve always found, just telling the truth, being honest with the readers and yourself.  Like now, for me, in this shared adjunct office at the junior college there’s nothing I want more than to just leave and be at home with little Emma, my son Jack, wife Alice.  But I’m here, I have to work, grade more papers.  But that’s okay, in fact it’s lovely.  Time away forces more intense appreciation of time with.  Don’t you think?  There’s a lot more I could say about having to be here and prep for class, but I won’t.  And that’s not being DIShonest, I’m just choosing not to be negative.  “But wouldn’t that be honest?” you ask.  Yes, I’ll answer, but I’m choosing to be honest in a positive way.  There’s too much negativity everywhere in the world, in this very city, and probably on this campus as I type this thought about just sitting down to write and not think to hard.  But I pay the negativity no mind.  Yes, I’ve mentioned it, but this freeness in writing and writing about freewriting aggressively eclipses the nay-say.  So on I go, and you should too.  Writing freely and not thinking with too much intensity is like being lit by a divine match.  Your fire precipitates through your honest narrative.  Re-read what you wrote, enjoy.  That piece is a snapshot of a free You, of a You you should replicate, more appreciate, study and understand fully.  There is only life in freed writing.  You shove overthought and its negative ingredients into a distant sinking.  Luckily, you fly above and over it, past it, to enriching distances.  Only love, telling of your stories, readings of your pages.