New Rule at Night

No laptop.

Only short notes on phone.  Or paper, preferably.

Need seconds and maybe minutes to think, to self.

On floor, last glass of that Kunde SB…  Tomorrow dominating this sitting on the wood floor.

Sent emails… More contacts must be made tomorrow in this rebuilding.  Targets already set.  Hoping I wake early, whatever that means, to do some writing before work and the class to follow.

Right on schedule or slightly ahead with 100 group.  Need to be ahead, like with writing deadlines.  Should force self to be up early tomorrow morning– but shit, no coffee in the house.  FUCK!  Why do I let that happen?  Just going to enjoy my wine.

What are you doing, reader?  How are you spending your night, and how are you with your goals, with your building or rebuilding of aimed-for immediacies?