Following my own slurs and steps into the chapter new, decaf and m&ms in the dark, in this downstairs.  Tired of wine, after today’s event and just wine to its letter.  Although I will say, hearing Kerry speak on the wines this morning had me in more a wine mood than I’ve  been in many moons.

Treating this summer like an actual summer, where I’m away, meditating on curtains wheels and purposes, pulses and drives–

Cannot believe how quixotic this decaf coffee rallies itself to be.  I’m on the floor, knowing I’ll get not much sleep.  Should have been in bed hours ago, but ate late–  little Kerouac and Ms. Austen asleep, so I should force myself to remain up, no?  Feel like I need dormancy as well to, huh?  ‘Nother sip of the decaf, couple more m&ms… And I’m completely confused.  Spinning in my own head but as well, rectitude in my rows…