Getting a little tired, but it’s like

the other night where I can’t let myself go to bed.  Not yet.  Emma feeling a bit better, and I’m in need of some quiet time for writing and maybe just good ol’ fashioned laziness—  Did I just hear kids outside, riding a scooter down the sidewalk, something?  Curved my concentration and my thought pattern now I’m a mess.

Oh how I hate clutter, and filth.  Not that the inside of this house is filthy.  But my car is.  And I hate it.  First purchase after first big deal: new car.  A BMW SUV, I think.

Thought I heard Jackie sneaking around upstairs, walking toward the stairs, wanting to peek down and see what I was doing, get me upstairs with his cute little attitude and effusive curiosity, which always works with me (not so much with Mama, as she’s the real parent, seriously, I need to follow her lead more, it’s true…).

Checks, a coffee cup, a belt (what the fuck?), and a receipt from … yeah, the other night.  Have to get all this shit off the desk.  Change, change, CHANGE!  You can change, you lazy bloody writer!