No Ingot

Can’t write.  OR, I feel like I can’t.  So I won’t.  It’s not writer’s block, as I don’t and never have believed in such a slappy theory, or convenient excuse not to write.  I’m not going to write tonight as I have no ideas to express, and bluntly have no urge to force anything.  So many writers or people who think themselves of the pen, truly devoted to narration and page, will quickly brandish the rationale, “Oh, I have writer’s block.” Well, you do because you told yourself you do.  I know there are times when you can’t write anything, or you can’t think of the next direction for a piece, when writing feels like real work.  Isn’t that a good thing?  How is that a block of any kind?  Isn’t that part of the learning peregrination in being of the pen?  Instead of being written “writer’s block”, possessive and encompassing, it should be “writers block”, as in they block themselves.  I’ve done it several times, yes, telling myself “OH, there’s no way I’ll reach a thousand words before midnight”, or, “I can’t get another verse out, I’m just not in the mood”.  There’s nothing blocking me at all!  I’m blocking myself.  I began this entry with “Can’t write.” I decided that, upon that mentality and placement.  Nothing enforced it upon me.  I felt like I couldn’t, as I wrote in sentence 2.

We always have ideas to express, something to say.  And like I tell my students, or urge them rather, “Just put something on the page, you can polish later.”  A blocked writer…  What’s blocking you?  YOU.  So, train yourself not to do so.  And yes, it takes training.  I’m still in training.  But, I’m also still writing.  ‘Cause I told myself to, rather than remind myself of some convenient affliction that doesn’t exist.

You’re not a “blocked” writer, if you don’t want to be.

Huh, I wrote something…