About ten minutes to write. 

All writing work for the winery done— in mind, teaching mode, offering ideas to students, and having them embrace what they have; their words and their place, where they are and where they’ll be.

FOR ME, TODAY:  Singular words.  No sentences.  Just list words.  This will be difficult as I’m always inclined and prompted to just stretch out in stretched sentences and paragraphs, that Kerouac-y narrative style, but I don’t have the time, I’m here, at work.  In fact, to further wrap my head around brevity and containment, I’ll only allow myself one piece of scratch paper.  Not the usual stapled together makeshift journal.

ASSIGNMENT:  Make a list of words throughout the day, as many as you can, when you can.  Limit yourself to one small sheet of scratch paper or something.  Believe it or not, you have a standalone piece of writing on that sheet.  Please SHARE!

9:48, and the writerfatheradjunct can’t stop thinking abut travel, about Spain and Paris.  Soon.  My teaching and talks, writings, will get me there.  Today’s assignment, ma liste’, will get me there quicker than if I hadn’t done it.  Now I can’t stop thinking about it, the travel, the Newness.  Have to wake earlier, goddamnit.  EARLIER!  4AM, GO TO HELL!

To the tasting room, start the list, get the piece of scratch paper—  the day starts, and the first word: ‘birth’ …