Never felt energy like this

before, already putting up stories and “content”, and int he Room, 1610, listening to my Thievery and collecting self.  Meditated in the parking lot a bit, took a few breaths to Self—  time now 6:27—  Writing as fast as I can before the first students arrive.  7AM is a cruel time, I admit, so we’’ll write about it.  Three prompts: 1 about the morning (which we’ve done before), but the 30 minutes, the mere 30, changes everything.  1 about who they thought wrote the most memorable manuscript.  And lastly, how they think they did this term.

Today has to be more than productive, it has to be life/story-changing.  Won’t get into word amounts, much I want to.. but it needs to do something.. a run, lengthy and new route.  Something to sell, small and larger pieces.. I return to the ‘Mon Petit Mise’ idea.. I’ll sell that, bridging these income gaps yes but showing people I’m a legit publisher and not just a ‘blogger’— OH, and the newsletter.. have to get that out.  EVERY MONDAY MORNING FROM HERE OUT.  No fail.  ‘the awks’ shows that I always mind my own story, and have no fear in sharing it.