Mind Silently

Paid tomorrow or tonight, whatever.  At midnight.  didn’t hit a thousand words today but I did write, right now, with Emma feeding and little Kerouac still in his bed, resting after a day of preschool play.  And me, with my ’12 Merlot that I made after writing the article that won’t upload to the fucking blog— ‘nother battle with tech.  What can I do, what the heck, bla bla—  One more sip of my wine, and more wine for me in the future, travels coming, making Mikey’s Merlot 2 this vintage, but where?  Where will I get the fruit?  I can figure it all out, I’m sure.  Save money.  No more eating out.  No more mochas.. all coffee made here in home or just black at sbux, nothing pricey.. budget budget BUDGET!