Taking a break from a verse. 

Writing with recital in mind.  Thankful for the day off.  Easter.. time for eggs and candy.  Jack waking this morning, calling me and pulling the writer from deeper than deep sleep, wanting to find his egg.  And oh he did, wildly and with diverse expression— everything from “Daddy look at this!” to “Daddy, more candy, they’re like gums!” Alice and I laughed.  I still do as he’s over at a neighbors house looking for more eggs and I guard the studio with wee Emma upstairs in her most enviable of indifferent dormancies.

Today I play with words, poem.. thought while driving to get coffee for Alice and I that I have one thing to sell, really— can’t sell wine on my own (licensing and overhead to purchase bottles), not books (won’t make anything doing that independently, at least not yet, do have that idea of a wine bar/book lounge, but later…).   Words.  Poems.  Pieces of shifting shapes and moods and intentions, scenes, dialogues, characters and climates.