During the last Republican debate, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump exercised the precise mannerisms that constitute the culture of flaw in the Republican Party.  First, the character attacks on the president.  It’s understandable, though not at all professional or orderly, to tirelessly attack the President.  He’s of the opposing party, yes. They want to say what they’ll do to right what they believe what Obama’s wronged, fine.  Then show, not just tell.  Don’t simply name-call your way further into the allowed time on stage.  These Republican candidates, Cruz and Trump, along with those around them, simply wouldn’t relent in attacking President Obama, rather than appeal to their party as to why they deserve the nomination, and other than their own party the American people.  No one on that stage, most especially Cruz and Trump, clearly and coherently elucidated why they are fit to lead the greatest country on the planet, to be the “leader of the free world”, a title and role and idea candidates in both parties (but most startlingly the Republicans) forget.  Yes, I’m speaking as an American citizen and I do believe that many candidates, in this election and the last, in both parties but more animatedly the Republicans, forget just what they’re running for.

What I’d like to see:  More argumentation.  With each other, not at.  Not more character attacks and obsessing over whether one candidate was born in America or not, or what insult one has cued  for the person sitting next to them, not how quickly one can interrupt another, I’m asking for true logic, not vitriolic rhetoric.  No modern muckraking.  No barbs.  Method, thought, rich and valuable ideas to present to the Free World.  Show you hold unrivaled regard for the office you seek.  And, for the one who currently holds it.