MOCK SOMM:  Littorai 2014 Les Larmes, Anderson Valley Pinot Noir

IMG_0732Terrestrial narrative with more woo and sway than I’m used to from such a young Burgundy.  More jazz than I’ve been greeted with in certain sips in Sonoma County; I become a follower with the first fragrant forward, rich soil and wild herbs, strawberry, cinnamon and some type of clove I can’t identify.  The enigma and puzzle further provoke my wandering prose— life glass akin, to try some solidified and sentenced understanding and I fail.  This bottle’s beyond me, instructing me, the pleasure of palate pedagogy, what I hoped for and kissed manifold in her galactic manuscript maelstrom.  A love that’s solar systems past regular love, familial and a walk to perception and pause— Zen in my glass, student and sage; blended and colorfully caged, me.  And I know the mainstream wine critics and ‘authorities’ will survey these lines with angled mask.  Not in anyway my predicament if their scope is limited, and they can’t allow a wine this wondrous to broaden their sipped optics.  I’m an acolyte, I guess now, of this producer.  And I’ll hunt down the other Pinots, the other chapters so I’m not left in the perceptive plain alone.