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Of course the SRJC grades won’t upload.

Finished a story, the third in this 100 days/100 stories effort.

2016 in 7 minutes.  And then what.  Will my life be that different?

What I’m doing differently in this new year is not caring— I was forced to that, writing and recording and reacting to, well, everyone, everything.  Not being reckless , but just more of a writer from the purpose of being a writer, just writing and not concerned with marketability or any approach for sales’ sakes.. in the Sanglier tasting room today and now sipping their wines in the final minutes of ’15, I think, “You know what, fuck it.. I’m writing and nothing else, and how ‘bout that, you asshole editors and publishers?” Should calm myself as the year ends, only minutes away, fireworks around the Autumn Walk Drive.. and I’m just going to write and sell everything, but more than that I’m going to drink and taste as many wines as I can,,  I’m done for ’15— enter ’16, the writer that no world and certainly this world has ever seen.

Love and love and love— Mikey…..