Just 4:10

Now it rains

Hard and I 

Can’t go stop

Listening, good, something

for me to

Focus on or

Whatever what am

I doing up 

this late like

This this never

Happens but I’m

Glad it did.

Now I feel

Like I could 

go back to

bed maybe I’ll

try but who

knows how that’ll 

go daughter here

in ninedays wow–

pressure and joy

and so much 

speaking in head 

of what to

do and how

and times and 

numbers and room,

locations and checkin

at hospital.  This

must be my

taste of insomnia–

Exaggerate, why not.

I’m up, right?

Up and adjusting

on this cushion

but nothing works,

and work, the

tomorrow thing, so

much to do,

schedule plan bloody

what–  crawling eyes.

Down pen now–

Sleep a taste.

Maybe I’ll see.

The ceiling folds

and stretches slow,

like an alive

painting, shift shape

and dance to 

attract. Or put

to sleep.  Pay.